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Running a Tor Server as a Tax Deduction?


I was thinking about how to get more companies/organizations to run Tor
servers and then it hit me that maybe the expenses associated with doing
so could be taken as a tax exemption. It's hard to convince a company to
run a Tor server, but if it's in their financial interest, you might
have a little more leveragee.

Do people think that running a Tor server could be seen as a donation to
the Tor Project (which is a 501(c)(3) charity IIRC)? Or is this kind of
like deducting mojitos as "business drinks"? Obviously I'm not looking
for advice from a CPA/accountant (although that would be great), just
wondering based on people's personal knowledge of tax law. If people
think it's worth looking into (or maybe possible), I'd be happy to hire
a CPA/tax expert and talk with them about it. I just thought I'd ask
here before throwing my money away ; )