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Re: Yahoo Mail and Tor

    On Wed, 8 Jul 2009 23:20:08 -0700 (PDT) bao song <michaelwprx@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>What about those of us who consider Windows to be the Abomination of Desola=
>tion (1010011010) and refuse to run that operating system?
>Privoxy provides pre-compiled Windows versions, but I was unable to downloa=
>d the source for Privoxy 3.0.12 via Tor and Privoxy, and it's blocked by my=
> country's firewall, so I can't download without using Tor, either.
>The standard Tor bundle download for non-Windows still includes Privoxy 3.0=
>.6, which mangles Yahoo mail.
>Any chance of either an update to a later version of Privoxy or an alternat=
>ive privacy package in the standard Tor download for non-Windows OSs?

     You didn't mention which operating system you do use.  If you happen to
use FreeBSD or its specially packaged form known as PC-BSD, you may be able
to install privoxy 3.0.12 from the ports tree.  (PC-BSD may also have it
available as a PBI.)  Very often the ports and packages are actually downloaded
from sites not directly associated with the web sites of the projects in
question.  Further, PC-BSD's PBI files are unique to PC-BSD, so I suspect
that they get downloaded from www.pcbsd.org or its mirrors.

Next, do something like

#  portinstall -v privoxy


#  portinstall -v privoxy+ipv6

to build it from the port, or else

#  portinstall -vP privoxy


#  portinstall -vP privoxy+ipv6

to install it from a package if available, otherwise falling back to
install from the port.
     If you're running NetBSD or OpenBSD, you may be able to do something
similar, but I'm not familiar with their methods.  (Perhaps Hannah could
give an OpenBSD example here, please?)
     If you're running LINUX, there is undoubtedly an implementation of
 available.  Just install it by whatever is the standard method for
the LINUX distribution you use.
     Once you have *some* version of privoxy, or perhaps polipo, installed,
you might find it useful to install proxychains or to install 3proxy and
configure it to make it easier for you to use tor upgrade to newer versions
in the future.

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