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Re: Yahoo Mail and Tor


On Thu, Jul 09, 2009 at 01:47:39AM -0500, Scott Bennett wrote:

>     If you're running NetBSD or OpenBSD, you may be able to do something
>similar, but I'm not familiar with their methods.  (Perhaps Hannah could
>give an OpenBSD example here, please?)

For OpenBSD, the recommended way is using the pre-built packages. If you
are on a release, use the release packages from CD or the release
directories on the ftp mirrors. If you are on -current (snapshots or own
build, usually after starting from a snapshot), you use packages from
the associated package snapshot directory.

The packages can be built from the ports collection. You get the ports
collection from CD (for release) or from ftp (for release) or via any of
the cvs-related access methods (for release/stable, or for -current).
Match the ports "branch" to what you run as base system, of course.
release/stable ports for a release/stable base system, -current ports
for a snapshot/-current base system.

For ports, you build the package by entering the appropriate directory
(e.g. /usr/ports/net/tor) and saying make package. The package is built
in /usr/ports/packages/<architecture>/all/tor-<version-string>.tgz.
You can also say "make install", which is make package + pkg_add for the
package so generated. Dito for polipo or privoxy (both of which are
provided as package and port). The ports infrastructure might need
ftp/http access to retrieve the source distributions of the original
software, but you may retrieve the appropriate files manually and put
them into /usr/ports/distfiles/ if automatic fetching fails. (Try make
fetch-list in /usr/ports/... to get the list of files the port would try
to fetch).

Kind regards,