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Re: Yahoo Mail and Tor

     On Thu, 9 Jul 2009 16:14:06 +0200 Hannah Schroeter <hannah@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>On Thu, Jul 09, 2009 at 01:47:39AM -0500, Scott Bennett wrote:
>>     If you're running NetBSD or OpenBSD, you may be able to do something
>>similar, but I'm not familiar with their methods.  (Perhaps Hannah could
>>give an OpenBSD example here, please?)
>For OpenBSD, the recommended way is using the pre-built packages. If you
>are on a release, use the release packages from CD or the release
>directories on the ftp mirrors. If you are on -current (snapshots or own
>build, usually after starting from a snapshot), you use packages from
>the associated package snapshot directory.
>The packages can be built from the ports collection. You get the ports
>collection from CD (for release) or from ftp (for release) or via any of
>the cvs-related access methods (for release/stable, or for -current).
>Match the ports "branch" to what you run as base system, of course.
>release/stable ports for a release/stable base system, -current ports
>for a snapshot/-current base system.
>For ports, you build the package by entering the appropriate directory
>(e.g. /usr/ports/net/tor) and saying make package. The package is built
>in /usr/ports/packages/<architecture>/all/tor-<version-string>.tgz.
>You can also say "make install", which is make package + pkg_add for the
>package so generated. Dito for polipo or privoxy (both of which are
>provided as package and port). The ports infrastructure might need
>ftp/http access to retrieve the source distributions of the original
>software, but you may retrieve the appropriate files manually and put
>them into /usr/ports/distfiles/ if automatic fetching fails. (Try make
>fetch-list in /usr/ports/... to get the list of files the port would try
>to fetch).
     Thanks, Hannah.  It appears to be basically identical to the way it
works in FreeBSD, although I don't think the FreeBSD ports team normally
makes specific recommendations favoring a particular package over its
port or vice-versa with the possible exception of OpenOffice.org. :-)
     If there's a NetBSD person on the list, perhaps he/she could chime
in here with directions for installing privoxy.  Likewise for a Solaris
person or HP-UX person.  (The last time I used HP-UX, there was no
standard procedure other than to download source, compile, and so on.)

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