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Tor-ramdisk MIPS 20090710 released

Hi everyone,

I want to announce to the list that tor-ramdisk MIPS 20090710 is out. 
Tor-ramdisk is an i686 or MIPS uClibc-based micro Linux distribution
whose only purpose is to host a Tor server in an environment that
maximizes security (hardnened binaries and kernel) and privacy (no
logging at any level).  Everything runs in RAM so no information
survives a reboot except fot he Tor configuration file and RSA key which
can be imported/exported via FTP.

Change Log:
This MIPS release implements the changes in the i686 release of
20090627. Tor was update to Busybox was updated to 1.14.1 and
the kernel was updated to  It has been tested in the wild:
node "Mufasa" is running the image on a Miktrotik rb433ah board.

Homepage: http://opensource.dyc.edu/tor-ramdisk
Download: http://opensource.dyc.edu/tor-mips-ramdisk-downloads


Anthony G. Basile, Ph.D.
Chair of Information Technology
D'Youville College
Buffalo, NY 14201

(716) 829-8197

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