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Re: Tor-ramdisk MIPS 20090710 released

grarpamp wrote:
>> survives a reboot except fot he Tor configuration file and RSA key which
>>  can be imported/exported via FTP.
> Wouldn't scp/sftp be better for this
> given the sensitive nature of the content transferred and
> the passive/active difficulties with FTP over Tor.
You're right.  I will either switch to exclusively sftp or add it as an
option.  We run two tor relays at DYC, Simba and Mufasa, one i686
tor-ramdisk and the other the mips port.  We load up their config/RSA
via ftp on a local network where ftp is relatively safe.  But over
insecure networks, sftp definitely, and users may need to do that.  Thanks.


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D'Youville College
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