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Re: Whats your approx. Tor-Bandwidth in german Telekom-Anschlüssen ?

On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 08:52:12PM +0200, Oliver Knapp wrote:

> a german ADSL 6000 line has a bandwith of 6000 Kbit/s downstream
> (towards you) and only 512 Kbit/s upstream (from you to the

Kabel Deutschland cable currently does up to 2/32 MBit/s. I see a pretty
consistent 1 MBit/s upstream throughput (throttled in the Tor

> internet). 512 Kbit are 64 Kbyte, so if you can upload 60 Kb it's
> perfectly fine. Of course this is only interessting if you act as a
> node in the Tor network. If you use Tor only as a client, the
> upstream is not a limit. Tor is a censorship-resistant anonymity
> network. Despite huge efforts towards more of it, speed is not the
> priority of the Tor network. A download of around 64 KByte/s through
> Tor isn't that bad, depending on your current route through the
> network it can nearly everywhere between 0.01 KByte and your line
> limit (~750 KByte/s).

Are there any 10/50 VDSL T-Com Tor operators here? Your experiences?

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