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Re: Stable releases - old versions

* on the Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 11:51:39PM -0400, grarpamp wrote:

> Related to the blox* thread.
> When was marked stable, I went through and
> mailed all the contacts running old versions. Some
> profusly thanked, some silently updated, some ignored.
> It would be handy if...
> Upon marking and releasing a new stable branch, include
> in the release notes what the minimum recommended versions
> are and why [security breach, crashing, performance, needing
> to break backward compat going forward, etc]... only
> the really major reasons, just a few quotable lines. Some people
> were like, why bother?
> Make the contact field more of an encouraged option to use.
> Maybe only a third of nodes had valid addresses.

I like this idea. Perhaps the various package maintainers could be
lobbied to update the installation scripts to request a valid
contact email address on installation/upgrade?

> Make Tor emit a logline hourly or at least daily when it notices
> that it is old. Much more likely to stick out like that. Perhaps
> graduate the verbosity/capitalization if it detects itself is not
> in the current stable branch or older.

As well as logging, perhaps Tor should make an effort to send an
email to the local root account when it detects it is "too old".
Obviously, that wont work in many instances, eg Windows Tor servers,
but it would be an additional contact route...