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frequent empty/closed connections

     With the last few versions of tor (I'm running at present),
I've been getting a *lot* of the following messages in firefox.

Empty server or forwarder response.
The connection has been closed but Privoxy didn't receive any data.

In other words, instead of a web page, privoxy returns a page that is blank
except for the two lines of text shown above, which appear at the top of the
blank page.  This is with privoxy 3.0.12.  Usually, hitting refresh will get
the proper page, but sometimes it takes doing that a couple of times.
     Does anyone else get these, too?  I suspect that the problem may be in
privoxy, rather than tor, but haven't yet figured out a test for that
hypothesis.  Any ideas?
     Thanks in advance for any information or suggestions about this problem.

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