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copyright abuse through tor


I'm not sure if this belongs to the mailing list, so sorry if this ist
the wrong place to ask.
Today i received a letter from a german lawyer's office due a copyright
abuse regarding a music album, shared via p2p.
I never downloaded such a music album, nor i use any p2p applications. I
think this happens over my tor-node, acting as a exit node.
So my question is: have anyone (in germany) experiences in such a case
to give some advice?
Is it possible to trace back 2 months, whether a tor-node with a
specific ip was online? the idea behind this question is to say to the
lawyer 'hey, i was running a tor exit node'. Sure, this is no excuse,
but perhaps this helps me to save some money they want from me.
I phoned already with a lawyer from me, on monday i have a appointment,
hope i can do some damage limitation.

and sorry for my poor english!