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Re: copyright abuse through tor

doc.kuehn wrote:
the idea behind this question is to say to the
lawyer 'hey, i was running a tor exit node'. Sure, this is no excuse,
but perhaps this helps me to save some money they want from me.

I think *they* will have to prove that that material was downloaded by *you* and you have it. That is so because you can defend (excuse) yourself anytime with: "somebody else used my wireless connection" or "my computer was infected and somebody else used my computer without my knowledge or consent".

Of course there is a difference between using tor and having a trojan: you were knowingly put your connection to somebody else use. But this should not incriminate you for the downloaded content in any reasonable legal system. And as far as I know (correct me if I am wrong) there is no law in EU to restrict giving bandwidth to somebody else, even when you do not know that "somebody else".

I know there are talks to introduce legal restrictions for providing proxy services to unknown persons in the same way as legally forbidding the act of borrowing a car to a drunk or unknown or incapable of driving person.

Until now, it only looks like they might want to make some money by scarring or intimidating you. Be strong and do not give up your rights.


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