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Re: copyright abuse through tor

On 07/31/2009 03:07 PM, doc.kuehn wrote:
> Today i received a letter from a german lawyer's office due a copyright
> abuse regarding a music album, shared via p2p.
> I never downloaded such a music album, nor i use any p2p applications. I
> think this happens over my tor-node, acting as a exit node.
> So my question is: have anyone (in germany) experiences in such a case
> to give some advice?

You could ask the CCC for some guidance.  They have experience in these
matters in Germany.  Others on the list have also been through similar

> Is it possible to trace back 2 months, whether a tor-node with a
> specific ip was online? the idea behind this question is to say to the
> lawyer 'hey, i was running a tor exit node'. Sure, this is no excuse,
> but perhaps this helps me to save some money they want from me.

The current answer is to look through the server descriptors file for
the month in question at

Good luck.

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