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Stable releases - old versions

Related to the blox* thread.
When was marked stable, I went through and
mailed all the contacts running old versions. Some
profusly thanked, some silently updated, some ignored.

It would be handy if...

Upon marking and releasing a new stable branch, include
in the release notes what the minimum recommended versions
are and why [security breach, crashing, performance, needing
to break backward compat going forward, etc]... only
the really major reasons, just a few quotable lines. Some people
were like, why bother?

Make the contact field more of an encouraged option to use.
Maybe only a third of nodes had valid addresses.

Make Tor emit a logline hourly or at least daily when it notices
that it is old. Much more likely to stick out like that. Perhaps
graduate the verbosity/capitalization if it detects itself is not
in the current stable branch or older.

The torrc sample conf, man page, etc should mention the existance
of or-talk at the top of the relay configuration sections as something
operators should consider joining.

Consider an or-operator list should operator specific volume here
ever get high.

As an aside, I never bothered to inquire of anyone why their node
was so old. Those that offered it were:
- get around to it
- binary package/source deps/issues with their platform, user error
- bizarre security/performance rationalizations