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Re: VoIP telephony building like Tor

>  >As for banning Skype in Russia, AFAICT it's FUD also. Everything seems

>      Fair enough.  However, if Phil Zimmermann had waited until the FBI
>  successors.  He dropped all of his paying work for many months in order
>  to design, code, test, and release PGP 1.0, all justified *in his own mind*

A side note regarding Russia/Zimmermann/zfone...

The first release or two of zfone had many comments in it indicating that zfone
may have been contracted out to Russian coders [or at least a company
in that region]. Those comments have since been stripped. It's around
here somewhere, don't feel like finding it right now. That's not to
belittle PRZ. Just a factoid.

It'd be much easier if everyone just turned on oppurtunistic ipsec via
the ike daemon. win/mac/bsd/linux all support it. Encrypt everything
with a per host ADH session key by default... not quite end2end secure
at the application layer, nor secure from mitm, but still largely
bliss given the taps on the net would become worthless much faster
than the current pace of things.

You might be surprised when you turn it up and find sessions from
other people doing the same in your logs :)