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another bad exit

     While I was trying to access a web site (ezine.daemonnews.org), which had
already timed out once with privoxy returning the usual error page, I got a
page back that had a block of red background with text saying the connection
had timed out.  At the bottom of the page was a message that said it was
generated by squid at tor-proxy.de.  I looked up the IP address and then
looked for that address in the directory, finding a descriptor for a node
called spacecowboy, which does show up at the right time in an info-level
log as one of the exits in use.  Trying it a few minutes later got me the
privoxy page again as it should have.
     So I tried it again, appending .spacecowboy.exit, and can now confirm
that node "spacecowboy" is indeed returning the error page, rather than
simply returning the SOCKS failure, only this time it said that the name
server said that the domain name doesn't exist, which is false:  tor-resolve
returns as the address for the target web site.  (Most of
the page is in German, but some of it is close enough to English for me
to understand it, and the message about squid is in English.)
     The above described behavior clearly meets the criteria for flagging
spacecowboy at as a BadExit.

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