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My tor exit node is STILL gone from the node list

Hi list,

I am still struggling to get my server back on the list of Tor nodes. For several months it
was among the top 5 nodes, pumping 15TB a month. I am paying a lot of money for that machine,
and I don't see why it just doesn't work any more.

Let me reiterate what's happening: Since April, the node disappears from the node list after a
few hours of running. I have tried to change exit policies, node name, node keys, ports and IP
(within the same subnet). After the IP change the node was listed (and used) for several hours
before it vanished. There's nothing about in the log file.

It seems as if the node is unreachable from some of the authority servers, but I have no idea
what to do about that. My ISP says that routing is fine and everything should work as
expected. I don't understand why the node stays listed for a few hours before disappearing.
Can someone please help me get this >100EUR/mnth node up again?

Information about the node:

Current IP (previously
Nickname kyirong2 (previously kyirong)
Fingerprint D3EB 3132 99A0 082A 4A4E 10E0 EB75 8E4F 0163 F4F0
(Old fp: A8BD 32A9 C2F2 0C4F 8ED2 C26C E477 0A24 85E3 CD22)

Tor Debian
DirPort 80, ORPort 8080


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