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Re: Newbie needs help

On Friday 24 July 2009 12:55:49 Scott Bennett wrote:
>   Okay.  Next, open a firefox Preferences panel.  I haven't decided to
> switch to firefox3 yet, so I don't know whether the procedure is the same,
> but in firefox2 one selects the preferences option from the Edit menu.
> In the Preferences panel, click on the Advanced item at the top, then
> click on the Network tab.  Next, click on the Settings... button, which
> should give you a second panel, titled Connection Settings.  Make sure that
> all of the settings are correct, namely, Manual proxy configuration: is
> selected in the radio buttons, HTTP Proxy: says localhost and port 8118,
> SSL Proxy:, FTP Proxy:, and Gopher Proxy: all say the same as HTTP Proxy:,
> SOCKS Host: says, localhost and port 9050, the radio button for SOCKS v5
> is selected, and No proxy for: includes at least, localhost, and
> whatever your IP address on your LAN happens to be.  When everything looks
> right, click the OK button at the bottom.

Thanks, Scott. I've done all that as instructed (FF3 is the same as FF2) but 
nothing seems to have changed.