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Re: A suggestion to TOR [a proxy server]

At work I am unable to run or use tor even from a USB key - they are prevented from working. It might be nice to have a website(s) that act as entry points to tor and that use names that do not immediately scream TOR PROXY SERVER!  TOR ENTRY POINT RIGHT HERE! so that it is less likely for IT departments to be able to easily block access to such (I am also prevented from accessing any proxy servers and they often name themselves as proxies to boot so they scream their nature and make it easy to block).  Is there any way to create tor entry point servers that provide the benefits of the tor network without the cost of providing the site with user ID AND endpoint site?

On Sunday 25 July 2010 04:40:33 pm you wrote:
> emigrant writes:
> > hi all,
> > i would like to suggest TOR to build some sort of online system,
> > like a proxy server. where ppl just come and enter the address in the
> > text box and hit 'surf with tor' or something. so that the same
> > objective is achieved as in running the TOR client.
> > its easier for pcs and mobile devices as well (as most mobile devices
> > still don't support TOR).
> > 
> > and i think, this can be a step towards the increasing trend of cloud
> > computing, if i have correctly understood what is cloud computing. :D
> The Tor developers don't think that would achieve the "same
> objective" as Tor, because the proxy server would be in a
> position to know both where you are coming from and what you
> are doing.  Tor aims to prevent anyone from being in this
> position, and in any case the Tor Project wouldn't want to be:
> https://www.torproject.org/faq#Torisdifferent

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