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Re: Tor and DNS.

On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 12:03:18PM +0100, Matthew wrote:
> However, with Tor and Polipo, then DNS request is routed through Polipo  
> then through Tor's three nodes then the final exit node does the DNS  
> resolution with the DNS server where the domain is registered (bypassing  
> the local cache and ISP).


> I ask because I have a direct internet connection (no NAT) and do not own 
> my network.  Therefore, I cannot change the DNS settings in resolv.conf 
> (to OpenDNS for example), nor can I use a VPN (which also requires 
> changing DNS settings).   However, Tor does work and the message log does 
> not show any leakage.

Yep, you should be all set.

I did a Tor demo in Bolivia several years ago, showing "now we get Google
Deutsch, now it's Google in Japan", and people came up to me afterward
asking "how did you get the Internet to work?" Turns out the local DNS
at the conference was broken, and I hadn't even noticed. Tor as a client
pretty much completely ignores your local DNS.


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