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[tor-talk] Feedback on new Orbot data stats

Sathya (our fantastic GSoC 2011 dev) has been working on improving the
display of information that we can glean from Tor via the control port

You can see the results of his work (including an initial screenshot) so
far here: http://gsathya.in/blog/?p=66

We would like feedback from Tor/Vidalia and Orbot users out there on
what data from Tor that you feel is useful and necessary both as a
general case, and perhaps what might be more relevant in a mobile context.

One case to consider is that in mobile, we are constantly losing our IP
connection, switching from 2G to 3G to Wifi to no service at all. What
information does Tor produce that can help the user understand better
the state that Orbot is actually in?

We are also trying to consider three modes of display: the main screen
"dashboard", a full screen detail view, and background notifications
that alert the user to important state changes.



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