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[tor-talk] Torbutton 1.4.0 released

Torbutton 1.4.0 has been released at:

The addon has been disabled on addons.mozilla.org. Our URL is now

This release features support for Firefox 5.0, and has been tested
against the vanilla release for basic functionality. However, it has
not been audited for Network Isolation, State Separation, Tor
Undiscoverability or Interoperability issues[1] due to toggling under
Firefox 5. 

If you desire Torbutton functionality with Firefox 4/5, we recommend
you download the Tor Browser Bundle 2.2.x alphas from
https://www.torproject.org/dist/torbrowser/ or run Torbutton in its
own separate Firefox profile.

The reasons for this shift are explained here:

If you find bugs specific to Firefox 5, toggling, and/or extension
conflicts, file them under the component "Torbutton":

Bugs that still apply to Tor Browser should be filed under component

Bugs in the "Torbutton" component currently have no maintainer
available to fix them. Feel free to step up.

(No, simply mis-filing your Torbutton toggle bugs under
TorBrowserButton won't cause them to get fixed accidentally. It will
just annoy me slightly as I relocate them to the correct component).

Here is the complete changelog:
 * bug 3101: Disable WebGL. Too many unknowns for now.
 * bug 3345: Make Google Captcha redirect work again.
 * bug 3399: Fix a reversed exception check found by arno.
 * bug 3177: Update torbutton to use new TorBrowser prefs.
 * bug 2843: Update proxy preferences window to support env var.
 * bug 2338: Force toggle at startup if tor is enabled
 * bug 3554: Make Cookie protections obey disk settings
 * bug 3441: Enable cookie protection UI by default.
 * bug 3446: We're Firefox 5.0, we swear.
 * bug 3506: Remove window resize event listener.
 * bug 1282: Set fixed window size for each new window.
 * bug 3508: Apply Stanford SafeCache patch (thanks Edward, Collin et al).
 * bug 2361: Make about window work again on FF4+.
 * bug 3436: T(A)ILS was renamed to Tails.
 * bugfix: Fix a transparent context menu issue on Linux FF4+.
 * misc: Squelch exception from app launcher in error console.
 * misc: Make DuckDuckGo the default Google Captcha redirect destination.
 * misc: Make it harder to accidentally toggle torbutton.

1. https://www.torproject.org/torbutton/en/design/#requirements

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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