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Re: [tor-talk] Maintaining your privacy sending e-mails

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On 07/08/2011 08:58 AM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:

> In compose window, when click the "use encryption," if you haven't set
> it up, will get a popup, "You need to set up one or more personal
> certificates before you can use this security feature. Would you like to
> do so now?"  That's as far as I got investigating it.

That is for using a personal S/MIME certificate to encrypt and/or sign
the message.

> Enigmail addon for Thunderbird is fairly popular & uses GnuPG for
> encryption.  I've been thinking of trying it myself.

I've been using Enigmail and GnuPG for a couple of years and they've
always done right by me.  You really need to configure Enigmail before
using it (as if that needs to be said).  At the very least, you'll need
to have generated a public keypair and linked the public key to the
account in Thunderbird (Edit -> Account Settings -> <pick an account> ->
OpenPGP Security -> check "Enable OpenPGP support", "Use specific
OpenPGP key ID", choose your public key).

At a minimum I would recommend checking both options for signing
outgoing messages.  Enigmail lets you use PGP/MIME for outgoing mail,
but I've had enough trouble with it (especially sending messages to
mailing lists) that I really don't recommend it.

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