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Re: [tor-talk] Maintaining your privacy sending e-mails

On 7/7/2011 1:04 AM, jsz wrote:
How do you manage to send e-mails? I'd like to send e-mails in an
anonymous way but most of the webmails make it very difficult....
Try to use an anonymous e-mail account and connect to that account via
TOR. E-mails shoud be encrypted locally (with GnuPG) so that servers do
not see the unencrypted text. Mail shoul be stored locally on a
Truecrypt volume.

Jacek Szymona
I'm just throwing this out there - haven't used / investigated it. Thunderbird (5, maybe 3?) has a selection under Options to "Encrypt this message." Have NOT read what type encryption or effectiveness. A very brief search a few wks ago turned up nothing.

In compose window, when click the "use encryption," if you haven't set it up, will get a popup, "You need to set up one or more personal certificates before you can use this security feature. Would you like to do so now?" That's as far as I got investigating it.

Enigmail addon for Thunderbird is fairly popular & uses GnuPG for encryption. I've been thinking of trying it myself.
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