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Re: [tor-talk] Downloading Firefox add-ons trough Tor. Safe?

On Jul 10, 2011, at 11:12 PM, hikki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

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> From: Justin Aplin <japlin@xxxxxxxxx>
>> HTTPS transport should prevent the type of modification you're talking
>> about, so just double-check your URIs before downloading anything.
>> For example,
> I was thinking more about using Firefox's built-in add-on installer and updater. You can't check the address there, it just installs or updates add-ons inside the browser. And I'm talking about Firefox 3.6.

I honestly don't know, but if you're *that* paranoid about your downloads being tampered with, navigating to https://addons.mozilla.org and looking up the add-ons manually is only a few extra clicks.

~Justin Aplin

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