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Re: [tor-talk] Accepting Java

Lalle Bralle wrote:
> I'm trying to get countermail working with my TOR bundle I use on a USB
> stick for added security and anomity when I feel I need it. However, I
> believe Java has some security holes that's why it's not accepted. While
> that's good I need TOR to accept java so I can access countermail's login
> applet and considering their site's security (no IP logging, added
> end-to-end encryption, OpenPGP encryption, digital certificates) along with
> the fact the added anomity I will receive by using a TOR bundle on my USB
> stick with a portable FireFox it should not be that harmful.
> Anyone that could help me?
I, too have never found a recipe for success with Countermail.

Indeed, the Countermail Engine requires Java in order to work.
I have seen web traffic from the Countermail Team regarding
Java security issues. You may want to write to them directly
and ask. They will respond. They'll explain to you why they feel
it's not an issue.

I actually wound up accessing Countermail through Google Chrome
and a Tor connection with JanusVPN. That works well, but then
with Tor you run into the issue where you can login, but then you go
to access your mail, or reply and you have to login again due to
Tor's constantly shifting IP's.  Countermail was supposed to be
working on this issue,but I've yet to see a resolution.

Bottom line, without Java CM won't work and with Tor it doesn't
play nicely either.

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