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Re: [tor-talk] Accepting Java

On 2011-07-11 18:46, JW wrote:
> Lalle Bralle wrote:
>> I'm trying to get countermail working with my TOR bundle I use on a USB
>> stick for added security and anomity when I feel I need it. However, I
>> believe Java has some security holes that's why it's not accepted. While
>> that's good I need TOR to accept java so I can access countermail's login
>> applet and considering their site's security (no IP logging, added
>> end-to-end encryption, OpenPGP encryption, digital certificates) along with
>> the fact the added anomity I will receive by using a TOR bundle on my USB
>> stick with a portable FireFox it should not be that harmful.
>> Anyone that could help me?
> I, too have never found a recipe for success with Countermail.
> Indeed, the Countermail Engine requires Java in order to work.
> I have seen web traffic from the Countermail Team regarding
> Java security issues. You may want to write to them directly
> and ask. They will respond. They'll explain to you why they feel
> it's not an issue.
> I actually wound up accessing Countermail through Google Chrome
> and a Tor connection with JanusVPN. That works well, but then
> with Tor you run into the issue where you can login, but then you go
> to access your mail, or reply and you have to login again due to
> Tor's constantly shifting IP's. Countermail was supposed to be
> working on this issue,but I've yet to see a resolution.
> Bottom line, without Java CM won't work and with Tor it doesn't
> play nicely either.
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Ah, ok. I will contact them as I've been asking questions and they respond quickly. Now it's always great with competition and other than AnonymousSpeech I haven't find any other decent anonymous e-mail domains. Could you or anyone as well recommend some other that works well with tor? I like both, I guess AS is preferred via TOR because it doesn't use Java.

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