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Re: [tor-talk] Accepting Java

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From: Lalle Bralle <noizic85@xxxxxxxxx>

> I'm trying to get countermail working with my TOR bundle I use on a USB
> stick for added security and anomity when I feel I need it. However, I 
> believe Java has some security holes that's why it's not accepted. While 
> that's good I need TOR to accept java so I can access countermail's login 
> applet and considering their site's security (no IP logging, added 
> end-to-end encryption, OpenPGP encryption, digital certificates) along 
> with the fact the added anomity I will receive by using a TOR bundle on my 
> USB stick with a portable FireFox it should not be that harmful.
> Anyone that could help me?

I'm on Linux and I've created iptables rules so only the user who runs 
the tor process is allowed to access the gateway, while the user who runs 
Firefox is not allowed to use the network at all. So I'm using Java and 
my logs have never detected any side channel transfers.
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