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[tor-talk] Arm 1.4.3 Release

Hi all. A new release of arm (http://www.atagar.com/arm/) is now
available. This completes the codebase refactoring project that's been
a year in the works and provides numerous performance, usability, and
stability improvements...

* Relay Setup Wizard
Setting up a relay can be tricky for new users. In headless
environments this means navigating Tor's massive, user unfriendly man
page and even when Vidalia's an option it makes relatively poor exit
configurations. Starting arm before Tor now provides instructions for
auto-generating a good relay setup...

  a. Selection for what you'd like to be
  b. Picking your relay options
  c. Confirmation for the configuration it's making

* Menu Interface
All of arm's capabilities are now available via a simple menu interface.

* Arm Gui Prototype
Over this summer Kamran Khan has been working on a GTK frontend for
arm as part of Google Summer of Code. The initial prototype is ready!

* Performance Improvements
Several arm and TorCtl performance fixes providing a 83% faster
startup time, 12% lower memory usage, and instantaneous shutdown.

* Improved Platform Support
Vastly better support for Mac OSX. Arm has also been backported to
Debian Squeeze and Ubuntu Lucid / Maverick.

* ... etc
Options for requesting a new identity, shutting down Tor, reconnecting
if Tor's been restarted and many, many bugfixes.

Cheers! -Damian
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