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Re: [tor-talk] bridges inquiry

>can bridges make browsing more fast ????
>sometimes if i am downloading a files using Internet download manager (IDM) it will stop downloading and show 0 bits for receiving so if i add new bridge the thing will continue downloading.....

Please don't use Tor -- and especially not bridges -- for mass-downloading. Bridges are special, secret relays that serve people in places that automatically block Tor relays. If you are downloading so many things that you need software to manage the process, then you may be blocking someone from doing something important. Remember, some people only know a few bridge addresses. If those bridges are being used for hours on end, it could be hard for them even to connect. A download manager schedules downloads so that you can do things like eat and sleep while your files slowly come, and automatically starts new downloads immediately after previous ones have finished.

That said, I don't think a bridge can speed up your circuit. By using a bridge, you are using one additional Tor relay (and all the hops from you to it, and from it to the entry relay), thereby increasing latency. There is also a chance that the bridge would have the lowest throughput of all the relays in the circuit, thereby constraining data rate.

I think that something happened to your circuit, and using a bridge just gave you a new circuit. Circuits are random.

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