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Re: [tor-talk] Traffic retention of TOR-Relays in Denmark

Den 16-07-2011 15:58, bemoo129@xxxxxxxxxxxx skrev:
> Well, i think,many will run their TOR Servers at home. In this 
> case, theit traffic will be logged, because they are end 
> users/consumers. 
> The Provider does not care about is there a TOR-
> Server/Proxy or not, i think.

Yes. Although there are TOR servers in Denmark not running end-user

> I think, the really important question ist, if the danish ISPs have 
> implemented the first or second way of session logging. In the 
> firstcase, there would be no problem, but what about the second 
> (every 500th packet)? Does anybody know how danish Providers log?

Yes, they have implemented the 500-th package solution because this is
the only thing their current equipment can handle.

This could change in the future when equipment is upgraded.


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