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Re: [tor-talk] Traffic retention of TOR-Relays in Denmark

Well, i think,many will run their TOR Servers at home. In this 
case, theit traffic will be logged, because they are end 
users/consumers. The Provider does not care about is there a TOR-
Server/Proxy or not, i think.

I think, the really important question ist, if the danish ISPs have 
implemented the first or second way of session logging. In the 
firstcase, there would be no problem, but what about the second 
(every 500th packet)? Does anybody know how danish Providers log?

On Sat, 16 Jul 2011 05:34:38 +0200 Moritz Bartl 
<moritz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I am not even sure this data retention directive applies to [all]
>Denmark Tor exits.
>Let me highlight a few things:
>> "2.2.1. Session logging (section 5(1) of the Executive Order)
>> *Providers of access to the internet* must, in respect of the
>> initiating and terminating package of an internet session, 
>> data that identifies the sending and receiving internet protocol
>> address (in the following called IP address), the sending and
>> receiving port number and the transmission protocol."
>At least in Germany, and some other EU countries, the data 
>directive does/will only be relevant to ISPs that provide "access 
>to the
>Internet", ie. dial-up, cable, DSL and the like. NOT VPN or 
>software. That paragraph sounds much like it.
>> "2.2.2. Sampling (section 5(4) of the Executive Order) The 
>> to retain data about the initiating and terminating package of 
>> internet session does not apply to providers in case such 
>> is not technically feasible in their systems. In that case, data 
>> instead be retained for every 500th package that is *part of an 
>> *userâs communication* on the internet."
>If I run a Tor exit, I am not an end user. So, in my 
>understanding, my
>ISP would not need to log anything.
>Moritz Bartl
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