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Re: [tor-talk] Traffic retention of TOR-Relays in Denmark

Hi Klaus,

thanks for your information! Im not really sure if I understand you
correctly. You wrote, "In Denmark, for TCP traffic, the IP address
endpoints and the respective ports are logged for every packet"

Are you really sure, that danish providers log these information
(ip,port) about every(!) IP-Packet?

Thanks for the link, I read this already. Wikipedia says, danish
providers can choose between logging only first and last Packet of
an TCP-Connection, or, if this is impossible, every 500th packet.

Please correct me if Im wrong with this...if they only log the
initiating and terminating packet of a tcp-connection, this would
not affect TORs anonymity, i think (instead of logging every 500th).

I think,every TOR-Node has a TCP-Connection to many other Relays at
the same time, the logged data will only show, that the server has
many connections, but it would not possible to detect a user by

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