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[tor-talk] Request for Help Configuring Torbutton for Remote Polipo

I want to run Polipo on a "server" machine and Firefox with Torbutton on distinct client machines not having Polipo or Tor loaded on them.  How do I set it up?

I tried it with Polipo listening on its default port of 8123.  I set Polipo's proxyAddress = "" so it would listen to requests  I set its allowedClients =, since my client machine is in the latter network.  These settings sufficed to allow me to brows to Polipo's manual from the client machine (before I loaded TorButton).

So with TorButton I tried configuring its SOCKS, http, and SSL proxy settings to point to the server machine and port 8123, but its test failed.  So what is the right way to set it up, and please explain the underlying logic.

Thanks in advance.

Jack Waugh
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