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Re: [tor-talk] Anonymous Publishing Is Dead.

May i give you some hints about the future scenarios for which we could
see diffusion in 2013 about the two topic you underlined:

- Anonymous Publishing

One of the new frontieer of Anonymous Publishing is given by the Tor2web
Project that is growing and making important progress, has a plan
(https://github.com/globaleaks/Tor2web-3.0/issues/milestones) and people
working on it (https://github.com/globaleaks/Tor2web-3.0/commits/master).

With Tor2web you can setup a Tor Hidden Service on your own PC and be
online in matter of minutes, exposed to the internet under *.tor2web.org
(or other domains such as Tor2web.is and other will come).

You may even place in front of your TorHS, internet-exposed via Tor2web,
a CloudFare.net frontend or other "cloudizer" to improve performance
improved caches.

Additionally, i hope that we will see a new wave of "anonymous
applications" that can be setup easily on your own desktop computer and
easily exposed via TorHS.

This should be enabled by APAF project, now in development as a GSoc on
http://github.com/mmaker/APAF .

Think when we'll see "AnonymousBlog.exe", a self-contained APAF
application that let you securely and automatically publish your own
blog on TorHS in a dumb-end-user-proof way, having it automatically
exposed via Tor2web.

When we'll reach that in a scalable way, i think we'll have setup a new
enabled way to use anonymous technology, opening it to end-user also for
anonymous publishing in a "easy and cheap way" .

On 6/30/12 10:15 PM, Anonymous Person wrote:
> Well, I went through all of these: leakdirectory.org/index.php/LeakSiteDirectory and all of them seemed to be either wannabes who had never published a thing or news organizations who were security illiterate and had no way to accept content.Anonymous Publishing Is Dead.

Please consider that "public disclosure" is the least path that one
should follow in order to make wrongdoing/justice done.

Most "activism" WB sites just born on the Wikileaks-hype but never
organized themselves really well.

With the upcoming GlobaLeaks 0.2 (http://wiki.globaleaks.org) for
Windows and OSX we want to remove the requirements to be a "technical
guy" or to require the "support of a technical guy" to be able to
implement an anonymous whistleblowing system.

That way we expect that transparency activism community (mostly composed
by non-techy guys) will be able to engage mostly on the important tasks
of making that job:
- campaigning to sollicitate, promote the whistleblowing initiative
- handling submitted material trough investigative journalism practices
- "act" on the basis of the result of investigations

Then "the public disclosure" things is something to be to make cautious
reflection, to handle it responsibly, mostly because you may seriously
harms some innocent reputation.

Public disclosure is a powerful tool, is required, but to be used with care.

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