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Re: [tor-talk] blocked exit node IP because of spam

I think one possible solution would be something like this:
1) drop unless encrypted
2) even if encrypted drop unless either:
a) known person
b) email is of the form
where content is the actual email and work is a proof of work: example: x
such that sha256(x+hash(content)+timestamp) starts with n zeroes.
Ideally make n such that generating x takes a couple of seconds
Il giorno 04/lug/2012 00:46, "|| ΣΖΟ ||" <manostienen@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:

> Hmmm,
> Looks like I lifted a stone that was a home for a few critters.
> It gave me some insight in the underlying issues. The biggest (and
> still unsolved) issue seems to be the email protocol itself that after
> all these years still allows 'strangers' to drop unwanted mail.
> --------------------slightly off - topic area----------------
> If someone email protocol dev is interested I'll have a hint how our
> local snail mail solves this:
> We have a sticker on the mailbox saying
> NO - NO if you don't want the free local newspaper and no spam.
> Or:
> YES -  NO if you still want the newspaper but still no spam
> Would be nice if Google and others added a NO button for ALL unsolicited
> mail.
> And made an exception for addresses in the address book.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> So in a way I agree with people who say. It is not TOR's problem.
> But in my opinion these spammers still do more harm then good.
> So ignoring them seems not the answer.
> Would banning them with some kind of blacklist cost more or less
> effort then ignoring them and loose time over and over because of
> being blocked? (until someone, someday fixes the email protocol...)
> I don't think it will help to ask those sites to whitelist tor nodes
> since they blocked them in the first place to get rid of the spam in
> an easy way (block the IP altogether). It would be nice if there was
> some way to build a site that would give TOR and other anonymous
> visitors extra privileges and more information then non anonymous
> visitors. :-D
> I'm not saying that being anonymous is the best way, but if
> governments keep doing what they are doing then more and more people
> will want to be anonymous. The pencil-pushers are still stuck in the
> old ways of how things used to work, and are unaware of the future
> visions of 'our generation'. So they will keep stressing to what they
> feel is 'protecting' their outdated ways of working. And they will not
> be able to see the great opportunities of todays technology and
> probably will dig themselves in even deeper.
> Another thing that might be an intermediate solution is to give known
> (blacklisted) spammers a bunch of know exit nodes and let them spam as
> much as they want.  Yeah a bit silly i agree, but then they still can
> try their hobby and might still be succesful with their cunning
> tricks, and thus TOR could use that info to invent mabye some new
> stuff based on that.
> As long as normal users can keep surfing in a normal way without being
> ranked as being a spammer.
> I hope this open-brainwave can inspire someone.
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