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Re: [tor-talk] circuit_send_next_onion_skin(): Bug: Unexpectedly high circuit_successes

Thus spake grarpamp (grarpamp@xxxxxxxxx):

> ver: branch 0.2.3.x as of jul 17.
> Should I ticket this or append more info?

Ticket and assign it to me. Cc nickm (if you can).

We do need a bit more info in the ticket, though. See below.

> I'm seeing hundreds of these. The current M seems to exceed the m,
> for which m is increased, then M exceeds that... repeat.
> [warn] circuit_send_next_onion_skin(): Bug: Unexpectedly high
> circuit_successes (M/m) for guard <nick>.

Hundreds of these on a normal client? Are you doing anything atypical?
Running a hidden service? Running a relay? Running a network scanner?
Using a custom Tor controller?

> There are a few accompanying entries shown below.
> But note primarily that the above style uselessly lists only the <nick>,
> while the below style needlessly lists it.
> [notice] Low circuit success rate M/n for guard <nick>=<fp>.

You get both this message and the above message for the same guard? 

What ranges of values of M, m, and n have you seen?

Mike Perry

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