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Re: [tor-talk] [Need quick help] 30+ mbps node taken down by host

On Tue, Jul 03, 2012 at 07:32:58PM -1000, Name Withheld wrote:
> Hello,
> My VPS fast tor exit got taken down by the host today for sending spam  
> emails. Apparently the upstream provider complained to them about it. I  
> thought SMTP was supposed to be disabled by default in the tor config,  
> but apparently my node was sending stuff through (even though I didn't  
> do anything to change the default setting for that).
> The host is going to give me a chance to see if I can block it, but if I  
> can't get the spam to stop, they're going to make me kill the node. I  
> prefer not to do this kind of thing, but since it's their house, it's  
> their rules.
> Can someone please tell me precisely (what file, what entry) how to  
> configure:
> 1) Tor to block smtp
> 2) Local machine to block smtp egress
> 3) Any other possible way to detect/filter outgoing mail Thank you very  
> much

Are you running the default exist policy? That is supposed to reject traffic
on port 25. What does your config lines in regards to exit policy say? 
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