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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy 0.0.9 released - testing and feedback requested!

<toruser22@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> First of all thanks all for developing TorBirdy,
> I just DLed and installed Mozilla Thunderbird then TorBirdy,
> I have a problem , i can send email via a Gmail account, but via Yahoo
> account I get error, it seems that can not connect to Yahoo smtp server,
> the default chosen yahoo smtp server is smtp.mail.yahoo.com, should i
> change smtp server to something else? or another trick?
> both tested when TorBirdy was disabled and enabled, result was the same.

Is this a TorBirdy specific question or or Thunderbird general question?

I suspect a misconfiguration of the pop/imap/smtp settings. That is a very common thing.

Have you ever successfully connected to yahoo without TorBirdy?

My advice is:
1) if acceptable for you...
2) create a new, fresh yahoo account without using Tor
3) learn how to add the pop/smtp settings in Thunderbird without using Tor (it's own profile!)
4) go back to your Thunderbird/TorBirdy profile and check if you can add your account, which you added over Tor

If it's not working then, it's an issue with TorBidry. If it's working then, it was an issue with misconfiguration Thunderbird.

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