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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy 0.0.10 released - testing and feedback requested!

jacob i notice default port for http proxy is 8118, but with polipo running default is 8123.

when i change in thunderbird, and restart, it changes back to 8118.

i will read instructions carefully, maybe i missed something.

Jerzy Åogiewa -- jerzyma@xxxxxxxxxx

On Jul 12, 2012, at 11:13 AM, Jacob Appelbaum wrote:

> Hi!
> TorBirdy 0.0.10 is now out and it's probably safe enough to be used by
> mere mortals. It's still quite experimental - of course. Use as your own
> risk!
> Call for help:
> We're looking for assistance with Translations - if you'd like to
> translate TorBirdy, we'd gladly accept a patch that prepares TorBirdy
> for translation work.
> Release Highlights:
> 0.0.10 Thu, 12 Jul 2012
>  Don't check for messages on start up
>  Now includes patch in source for upstream date header modifications
>    Apply patches/date.patch to a custom Thunderbird compile
>  Use SSL/TLS by default for both outgoing and incoming servers
>  Disable 'Get new account' from loading at startup
>  Set default server ports
>  For already configured email accounts, disable automatic email fetching
>  For accounts created through the manual account configuration, disable
>  automatic email fetching
>  Added support for resetting user preferences on extension uninstall
>  Various privacy fixes as suggested by Karsten N
> General content anonymity caution note:
> TorBirdy has known leaks in the Message-ID and in the Date header, we're
> working on merging an upstream patch that will allow these leaks to be
> closed. There are no known proxy leaks unless you use additional
> extensions that do not respect the proxy settings of Thunderbird
> Here's the wiki page for TorBirdy:
>  https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/torbirdy
> Here's the latest XPI for TorBirdy:
>  https://github.com/downloads/ioerror/torbirdy/torbirdy-0.0.10.xpi
> Here is a proper GPG signature for the latest XPI:
>  https://github.com/downloads/ioerror/torbirdy/torbirdy-0.0.10.xpi.asc
> Here is the sha1sum of torbirdy-0.0.10.xpi:
>  1128abf9b6c3177aefd4ca513f768b7a80aa27b4
> The plugin on AMO has been rejected and so we are now re-requesting
> review. Please use the above links to download TorBirdy.
> In the near future, we plan to upload a full XPI and GnuPG signature for
> every new release to the Tor Project's web server:
>  https://www.torproject.org/dist/torbirdy/
> All the best,
> Jacob
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