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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy 0.0.10 released - testing and feedback requested!


Jerzy Åogiewa:
> jacob i notice default port for http proxy is 8118, but with polipo running default is 8123.

We assume that people are running their HTTP proxy on port 8118 - such
as privoxy. We don't really support polipo anymore. You're welcome to
use it, of course.

> when i change in thunderbird, and restart, it changes back to 8118.

That is expected. We don't let you choose which HTTP port is used. We
may add an extensive configuration window later but for now, we assume
advanced users can reconfigure their proxies.

> i will read instructions carefully, maybe i missed something.

Please reconfigure your proxy to listen on port 8118 and ensure that it
is properly chained to Tor via SOCKS4a or SOCKS5. I'd suggest just
running Privoxy on port 8118 and ensuring that it is configured to
connect to Tor with something like this:

# Generally, this file goes in /etc/privoxy/config
# Tor listens as a SOCKS4a proxy here:
forward-socks4a / .
forward-socks5  /  .
forward-socks5  .onion          .
confdir /etc/privoxy
logdir /var/log/privoxy
# actionsfile standard  # Internal purpose, recommended
#actionsfile default.action   # Main actions file
#actionsfile user.action      # User customizations
#filterfile default.filter

# Don't log interesting things, only startup messages, warnings and errors
logfile logfile
#jarfile jarfile
#debug   0    # show each GET/POST/CONNECT request
debug   4096 # Startup banner and warnings
debug   8192 # Errors - *we highly recommended enabling this*

toggle  1
enable-remote-toggle 0
enable-edit-actions 0
enable-remote-http-toggle 0
buffer-limit 4096

forwarded-connect-retries               2
accept-intercepted-requests             0

keep-alive-timeout                      5
socket-timeout                          300

All the best,
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