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Re: [tor-talk] Hiding stuff

the way the TBB creates anonymity may not be very intuitive, but it does
work. at least as long as you do not identify yourself to a website that
will link your voluntarily given identity to the series of throw-away
cookies TBB leaves with trackers (ohai facebook, i guess).

popular securtiy/privacy addons like RequestPolicy or Ghostery may
simply suppress loading of scripts (and cookies) from 3rd party websites
(which may speed up pageload). if those are not owned by a real 3rd
party, but e.g. used to serve static content, the request footprint of
your pageview is noticeably different, which cannot be hidden and
reduces your anonymity set.

also, those plugins uh... change the web experience and may even render
some pages unusable for less tech-savvy users, which i guess is one
reason they don't come bundled with TBB.

all that being said, if you want to work on this, you could look at

http://panopticlick.eff.org and http://browserspy.dk/

for code that lists installed firefox addons.

> I remember reading about installing more extensions as a bad
> thing as it might identify a Tor configuration from another. But
> can't this be hidden? I know extensions can answer javascript
> requests. Is it possible to have a generic option to stop them
> from answering to these external requests?
> Also, is there a way to tweak the regular Firefox output so that
> it looks like a Tor browser without being on Tor? To a smart
> tracker it would be obvious as it doesn't come from a Tor exit
> relay. Can I set up the given output resolution for example?
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