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Re: [tor-talk] Free WiFi Bootable Ditros

jed c:
> I wouldn't recommend TOR for anything personally identifying
> (anything done on TOR has a chance of greater scrutiny and malicious
> subversion).

Agree with that, however just because I'm using Facebook doesn't mean I
will be identifying myself ... ;-)

> Have used Facebook through TOR with SSL enabled and watched a friends
> computer get exploited during a chat session. SSL is pretty well
> broken from my point of view.

I've seen a single SSL MITM, but that's it. I'm not a fan of SSL and see
major issues, but I think it's far from broken.

> I wouldnt trust TOR for any executable download or software update
> (pdfs and other exploited forms of media are questionable too). Best
> use for tor is in a read only environment where no writable media is
> present on your computer. I would recommend locking your bios, it
> might not matter if there is a default secondary password.

I'm not sure that I'm quite that paranoid, but Tails can certainly
provide a read-only environment.

Tails may not be designed for open WiFi networks, but until something
else comes along it may be the best solution for my needs.
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