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[tor-talk] Free WiFi Bootable Ditros

Hi all,

This is not specifically a Tor question, but there may be some on the
list who know the answer.

I'm wondering whether there are any bootable distros out there which
are designed to be used on free WiFi networks (e.g. Starbucks,
McDonalds) and enforce some level of network encryption. Tails would
obviously provide a solution here by forcing everything through Tor,
but I can also see alternatives which force the use of an IPSEC VPN, or
only allow outbound access to ports which are commonly used for secure
access (443, 993, etc).

It wouldn't need to be an entire distro, just a set of scripts which
configured the local firewall (iptables, ipfw, even the regular Windows
firewall) to only allow secure connections, and established a Tor or
VPN connection (if necessary). This would mean I could use my
regular desktop environment to read email, check social networks, etc
all the while being reasonably confident that any traffic which would
normally traverse the network unsecured (updates, etc, and any
misconfigured software) would not get access.

I guess that the set up would need to be somewhat aware of the network
it was connecting to to allow access to captive portals to agree with
the AUP.

Anything out there which does this?

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