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Re: [tor-talk] new tld question

On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 04:48:39PM -0700, tom@xxxxxxxxx wrote 2.1K bytes in 41 lines about:
: Other good news: no one registered for .onion, and it's going to be
: several years until the next round of applications open.  Hopefully by
: then, the process will be much smoother than this time around.

No one applied for .onion with ICANN this round. There are alternate
DNS roots out there, where anyone can register .onion. One test
to see what would happen is to setup your own .onion root. You can
then watch a tor client interact with the real tor hidden service,
http://idnxcnkne4qt76tg.onion/ or the domain you just setup as
http://idnxcnkne4qt76tg.onion/. Even add in www.idnxcnkne4qt76tg.onion
to catch browser redirects in your dns tld .onion root.

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