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Re: [tor-talk] Free WiFi Bootable Ditros

On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 05:33:44PM +0000, adrelanos@xxxxxxxxxx wrote 3.5K bytes in 75 lines about:
: > I'm wondering whether there are any bootable distros out there
: > which are designed to be used on free WiFi networks (e.g.
: > Starbucks, McDonalds) and enforce some level of network encryption.
: > Tails would obviously provide a solution here by forcing everything
: > through Tor, but I can also see alternatives which force the use of
: > an IPSEC VPN, or only allow outbound access to ports which are
: > commonly used for secure access (443, 993, etc).

Tails is great for this. I trust tor exit relays and hidden services
far more than I trust 'free wifi' and every ISP between the 'free wifi'
and destination. I bet liberte linux is a great choice as well.

In fact, when traveling I use tails exclusively. The new 'non-anonymous
browser' function works great to get through captured portals. If tails
could be installed on my hard drive, I wouldn't need to stand out by
booting off a usb stick and then plugging in my ubikey for passwords.

The challenges with forcing IPsec or a VPN is that you need to either set
it up beforehand or trust a 3rd party to run the end point. If you set
it up beforehand, then the 'free wifi' learns your end point and maybe
who you are (or are likely to be). If you trust a 3rd party, they get to
learn where you roam in the world and how long you are in each location.

The decision on the risks are yours.

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