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Re: [tor-talk] Torbox (now aos) question

Praedor Atrebates:
> I was using torbox the other day without problem.  I come back the
> next day and suddenly the torbox-workstation is no longer able to
> connect to the internet as it appears the torbox-gateway is no
> longer functioning/accessible.   I changed nothing.  I shut them
> both down and restarted first the gateway, then the workstation and
> still the tor browser cannot connect to the internet as the proxy
> (the gateway) is not accepting connections.
> What's the deal?

Never happened to me. What version? Host internet working?

There are also
not perfect to diagnose that but some hints.

> Also, there doesn't appear to be much by way of real 
> documentation.

If you follow the readme links there is loads of documentation.
Perhaps not what you are looking for?

> What is the default superuser password in the gateway? I cannot log
> in as su because I have no idea what pword to use and I thus cannot
> change the pword.

It's in the readme.

username: user
password: changeme

You can login as root with 'sudo su', which is Ubuntu default.
Password like I said, is 'changeme'. Root password is by Ubuntu
default not set, but if you want you can set one.

> The basic documentation MUST be provided in the future.

It does.
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