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Re: [tor-talk] secure and simple network time (hack)

> Why don't we propose a clean solution for this time mess anyway?

Is this that big of a deal? If a would be Tor user doesn't
know what time it is and/or can't set their clock manually,
they've got bigger issues to worry about.

And given 90% of these users use windows, they're set
via ntp by default (or rooted via other means) already.

Yes, no UDP via Tor. So once said hapless user manages to get
their clock set and strapped up, just scrape it off google or some
internal consensus once a half interval and be done with it.

In fact, since afaik Tor's entire trust is based on what the
top level dir auths say, all other nodes besides auths likely
have no need to consider time... just sigs. Even auths might
not need to either... rather, just publish good timestamps for
recordkeeping (exonerator, stats, etc) is all.

Last, is using Tails (or any OS for that matter) somehow
going to get you more blocked than blocked (or dead than dead)
than for already using Tor? Doubt it.
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