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[tor-talk] mailing list vs. f0rum

> they should create an official clear net discussion f0rum.
> "The idea is to share more with the community and give people a chance to
> ask questions directly of the people doing the work."
> that is the purpose of a F0RUM, not another MAILING LIST used by the 1%.

> The 1% of what set of people?
> The Tails forum is a mess of conspiracy theorists and other maladjusted idiots.

The 1% that do not spell forum as f0rum.

Forums are junk.
- archiving/replicating/distributing them are non-features
- heavyweight with 95% UI/user bling and 5% content
- attract mess and idiots like flies (though that can be good offload so that
the people doing the work, and the ones who care to spell, can simply
ignore the forums and their mass of idiots)
- redundant/fractious with mailing lists, more places to

My only issue with the lists is there's no search, and no mbox/maildir archives.
So like with simple machines forum, at least I can scrape mailman pretty cleanly
and run a pcre on the data if need be.

signed, idiot.
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