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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy Not Allowing Connections to Servers

Jacob Appelbaum:
> Ethan Lee Vita:
>> Pop servers (I don't use imap) don't connect while using TorBirdy, nor
>> do SMTP servers. It just sticks at 'Connecting to
>> pop.someserver.org...', not even asking for user password. SMTP comes up
>> with Thunderbird didn't connect to SMTP error. TorBirdy did work until I
>> upgraded from v0.0.4 to v0.0.9 and hasn't worked since (currently on
>> v0.0.10). I've been trying to figure this out for some time, but after
>> playing with Thunderbird settings, searching online, and updating to
>> other versions of TorBirdy (trying again every few days), I've had no
>> success and had to disable TorBirdy.
> Are you trying to use pop3 without SSL/TLS? If so, I think this is
> expected behavior - we didn't want anyone to insecurely check
> pop/imap/smtp over Tor unless they *really* know what they're doing.

Despite the fact, that this might not be the reason for the error
shouldn't TorBirdy display some kind of message, when it discards
connections because they are not encrypted?

"TorBirdy has prevented potentially unwanted information disclosure.
Please use SSL/TLS to encrypt the connection(s)."

or something else. At least users should know that TorBirdy is the
reason why they can't connect. Maybe even telling why exactly this is
the case.

If you agree, I could create a ticket.

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