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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy Not Allowing Connections to Servers

Sebastian G. <bastik.tor>:
> Jacob Appelbaum:
>> Ethan Lee Vita:
>>> Pop servers (I don't use imap) don't connect while using TorBirdy, nor
>>> do SMTP servers. It just sticks at 'Connecting to
>>> pop.someserver.org...', not even asking for user password. SMTP comes up
>>> with Thunderbird didn't connect to SMTP error. TorBirdy did work until I
>>> upgraded from v0.0.4 to v0.0.9 and hasn't worked since (currently on
>>> v0.0.10). I've been trying to figure this out for some time, but after
>>> playing with Thunderbird settings, searching online, and updating to
>>> other versions of TorBirdy (trying again every few days), I've had no
>>> success and had to disable TorBirdy.
>> Are you trying to use pop3 without SSL/TLS? If so, I think this is
>> expected behavior - we didn't want anyone to insecurely check
>> pop/imap/smtp over Tor unless they *really* know what they're doing.
> Despite the fact, that this might not be the reason for the error
> shouldn't TorBirdy display some kind of message, when it discards
> connections because they are not encrypted?
> "TorBirdy has prevented potentially unwanted information disclosure.
> Please use SSL/TLS to encrypt the connection(s)."
> or something else. At least users should know that TorBirdy is the
> reason why they can't connect. Maybe even telling why exactly this is
> the case.
> If you agree, I could create a ticket.

I think there is such a message from Thunderbird already - it sounds
like the issue (discussed later in the thread) was that Tor simply
wasn't running.

All the best,

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